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Your Automated Repossession Document Management AND Lost Revenue Recovery Solution having an in house compliance attorney that runs to the Post Office for you and then recoups your bad debt! was built for the independant dealers, but the Franchise Dealers and Finance Companies love it, too!

Testemonial from Willie King, G.M. EZ Auto Credit (BHPH div. Tri-County Ford and Knox Ford): This is a great piece of software! Not only is it a time saver, but it is very cost effective. If I take my employee's time that it takes to fill out all the necessary paper work the old way and pay postage, I am losing money. Now that time can be spent making collection calls. Plus the bonus of having my accounts going directly to the attorney's office for collections by just scanning up a few docs and we are in pursuit of the deficiency and once employees are making collections calls instead of being tied down doing manual paperwork, which cost us all money.  I have had great success with this software, their staff and the attorneys they use. It is a time and money saver!  If you have any questions, feel free to shoot me an email and I will be happy to get back with you. (use contact us below and we will send you Willie's contact info) 

Lost Income/Revenue Recovery Calculator



We have the formula that calculates how much money can be recovered from your bad debt and charge-offs.  The formula uses your annual bad debt and interest rate to figure the small fortune locked away in your portfolio.  

Based on historical data and industry standard liquidation you can see the money that you are missing out on!

The reality of the nuts and bolts of what we can do for your bottom line. Keep in mind that we employ attorneys and they rely on the court system, so this is a return over a five year period.  In the first two years the recovery is in the single digit range, but then by year four and five you will experience up to a 50% return on your repos, skips, and charged-off accounts!   

Industry experts worked with us to automate the repo doc process, so you could squeeze money out of your repos, skips and charge-offs.  

Fool proof compliance that will save time and make money. 

  • Convert your repos and skips to CA$H!!!!!!  
  • Try twice FREE, just click to register.  
  • No credit card required for the free demo!!
  • No contracts either.  Use as much as you want and stop at anytime.


What you get...

THE ONLY SOLUTION for all of your repos, skips, bankruptcies, charge-offs, total loss shortfalls, and breach of contracts accounts.  

Not only can you have software that automates your repo doc and letter process, but now you have a streamlined process to send your accounts to a network of collection attorneys with no upfront fees!

Pricing- No registration fee or monthly subscription for a Wayne Reaves user.  For $9.95 you get a Certified Mail NOI/10 Day Letter, Regular Mail NOI/10 Day Letter, Electronic Vehicle Condition Report, Mailed Explanation of Deficiency, and Collection Attorney Portal (optional). Give it a try for free.  Your two free accounts will get you hooked! Accounts with two customers are $18.95 and the process is duplicated for the Co-Signer.

Don't take our word for it.  Our users love bragging about us!

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